Feeling better, behaving worse!


Sunday morning, and Charlie is very obviously feeling more himself. He is alert (though you can still see his huge dilated opiate eyes!) and curious – see here him investigating the camera. His wrap has ridden up a bit and a couple inches of his staple line show at the bottom, but he hasn’t shown any interest in that area at all. He does try to groom his good leg and can lick over the part of the bandage there, but doesn’t turn toward the bad side at all so far. I may try to put him in a t-shirt or onesie just to add a layer of further protection as he gets more active, because he seems not to mind the wrap and HATED both e-collars with a passion.

The downside of his new sprightliness is that he is growing more intolerant of getting his pain meds with every dose. He won’t even let me near his mouth with the syringe anymore and his incision is so large that I worry I’ll hurt him if I try to hold his body. At first he was letting me hold his head but now as soon as I approach he starts flinching away. Fortunately there are only three more doses, and we go to the vet again tomorrow – I will ask if they have an option I can put in his food, because he is eating super well still. There are plus sides to owning the furriest piglet on earth…

He also isn’t loving bathroom jail, but I go every few hours and sit on the floor with him for a petting session so he won’t get too lonely. I can’t wait for him to heal up enough that he can go back to a more normal catly life.

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  1. Hi there and hello to Charlie from Freya (3 years post rear leg amputation and going strong – we have a blog here too).

    Charlie looks a strong boy and your comment about him eating well really rang a bell with me. Freya did not go off her food at all – well, maybe the first day, but after that – snorting it in. Which leads to my advice/comment about pain meds.

    Now, I’m in Australia so not sure what is available your end of the woods, but I got liquid pain killers and antibiotics for Freya as she is a real stubborn puss with tablets.

    I got a nice can of tuna and poured out the liquid only and mixed it with a ‘soup’ or broth for cats we get here. Liquid, easy to lap and very strong smelling so she didn’t seem to detect the pain killer/antibiotics combo. I gave her that mixture to begin the meal and then solids after.

    I always gave it to her first as she could sometimes leave the more solid food and I was worried she wouldn’t get the full dose, but my final system, as described above, seemed to work really well.

    Also, I had Freya off the pain killers about 4 days in – she was slepping on her incision and hopping around (a bit too early for my mind but you turn your back and there she went!!). She went really well, noting that she had internal sutures that dissolved and not staples so I have no experience with that side of things. Freya had her hip taken too so she is very slim line (well, relatively) at the rear.

    Best of luck


    1. Thanks for your comment Michelle! It really helps me to read about other cat amputees who are years out and still doing well! All the best to you and Freya!

  2. Awww poor Charlie, no claws and one less leg. I have to say that I love hearing my Tripawd Mona sit on her cardboard scratching box and earnestly scratch away with her remaining leg. Does Charlie still scratch even without claws?

    Charlie is lucky to have found you. You’ve been so diligent in his care. You even visit him in jail! Right now I’d be saying forget about the pain meds. I think Charlie has had enough.

    Hang in there until stitch removal day. Life becomes so much easier after that and Charlie will be so happy to be out of jail!

    Thanks for your series of blog postings. It’s always great to read others stories.

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

    1. Thank you! Charlie does still make scratching motions and seems to enjoy it – he likes to scratch tall things like his cat tree. He has gone down to just the NSAID and seems to be just fine as far as pain goes – maybe TOO good as my next post will explain!

      Good wishes to you and Mona! I took so much comfort from reading about others’ experiences that I felt like it would be a good thing for me to make a blog for Charlie – not to mention it gives me a place to vent to other people who I know are interested!

  3. Oh Charlie! I’m glad your people are finding help in the Forums, because i haven’t a clue about how to help you relax for the medication procedure. You’re one silly and stubborn kitty and we love you!

    Hope you’re feeling good today.

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