The grand homecoming

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It’s been a busy week, but I wanted to catch everyone up!

Charlie finally got to come home on Tuesday. He ended up needing a second antibiotic shot since his wound had taken so long to close, and it seemed to help him make some real progress on his healing. He is getting around really well – note the grainy photo of him on his favorite spot on the back of the couch where he can look out the window!

I’m still keeping him in the bathroom when I’m at work or asleep, but he gets to come out and spend time with the family in the evenings, and is doing really well. He is pretty much back to his old self, behavior-wise! Hopefully he will be able to get the rest of his staples out by the end of the week- we are being conservative with them since he reopened the incision so many times.

It is so great to have him back home! Now if only the path report would come in…

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